The admission of the Iranian applicants is done through a centralized state exam (Conquer) which is administered by the Organization for Assessment of the State Education (Sanjesh) in the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. The Philosophy of Science department offers these program:


The aim of this program is:

  • To deepen the knowledge of those students following various fields of science and to clarify the logical-philosophical problems they encounter in these fields.
  • To prepare the students for the doctoral program in this field.
  • Training of researchers who could do research on the logical-philosophical aspects of experimental knowledge.
  • Training of teachers for teaching philosophy of science and history of science in the universities and research institutes.

This program started in 1374(1975) at Sharif University of Technology. It is a 2.5 years program and includes 32 unites.



This group started doctoral program in the second semester of the academic year 1386-1387. The admission of students took place through extensive written and oral examinations. Students with an MS degree in any field of knowledge could be admitted, provided they passed our entrance examination satisfactorily.